The VIth UK Postgraduate Bioethics Conference

The Call for Papers for the VIth UK Postgraduate Bioethics conference has been announced over on This years theme is 'Bioethics and the Body' and the areas of particular focus are: The Treatment/Enhancement Distinction; Disability Ethics; Sociology of the Body; and Transhumanism. The guest speakers will be: John Harris (Manchester), Jackie Leach Scully (Newcastle), Gill Haddow (Edinburgh) and Kevin Warwick (Reading).

Suggested topics for postgrad papers are:

¤ Philosophical, legal, anthropological and sociological discussions on the boundaries of medicine and science.

¤ What constitutes “the Body”?

¤ Human enhancement and the extension of biological, physiological, and neurological capacities.

¤ The moral status and significance of emerging forms of biomedical technology.

¤ Ethical issues in transgenics and the human body.

¤ Feminist and Queer approaches to “the Body”.

¤ Methodological approaches to researching “the Body”.

But I am sure they are interested in postgraduate's whose falls in any area of bioethics and is interested in attending. There will be sessions on the academic environment, networking opportunities and masterclasses with the speakers. Contact for more info. 

It will be held at the Wellcome Collection on Euston Road, London and is sponsored by the Wellcome Trust and PEALS, Newcastle University. It should be a great event, perhaps I'll see you there!