Peer Reviewed Articles

Peer Reviewed Articles:   

Many of these articles are available Open Access at the below links, others can be found on my webpage. If you cannot access an article you wish to read, contact me and I will happily send you a copy. 

Ought Conscientious Refusals to Implement Reverse Triage Decisions be Accommodated? Journal of Bioethical Inquiry. 17: 783–787

(with Scholz, B., Goncharov, L., Lu, V.N., Chapman, M., Clark, S., Wilson, T., Slade, D., Mitchell, I.A. (my contribution 5%). Clinicians’ accounts of communication with patients in end-of-life care contexts: A systematic review. Patient Education and Counselling.

After Abortion’s Arrival in NI: Conscientious Objection and Other Concerns Clinical Ethics 2020;15(2):71–74.

 (with Phillips, C.). Should we Accommodate the Conscientious Objections of Professional Interpreters in Healthcare Settings? Journal of Medical Ethics. [3,600 words]

The Multiplicity of Bioethical Expertise in the Context of Secular Liberal Democracies. Society. 2019.

Conscientious Objection should not be equated with Moral Objection: A Response to Ben-Moshe. Journal of Medical Ethics. 2019. 

Catastrophic Events and Crisis Sedation: Terminological Issues and Ethical Questions. Journal of Medical Ethics. 2019. 45(5): 339-345 (with Gordijn, B.)

Beyond the Equivalence Thesis: How to think about the Ethics of Withholding and Withdrawing Life Saving Medical Treatment. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics. 2019. 40(1): 21-41. (with Gordijn, B.) 

Using old tools to tackle new problems: From liberal eugenics to political biology. A comment on Agar’s Why we should defend gene editing as eugenics. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics. 2019; 28(1): 20-25.

Leadership in Palliative Care: Moral, Ethical and Educational. BMC Medical Ethics: 19(55): pp11. (8,000 words). 

Morally Permissible Moral Mistakes? Reinterpreting a Thought Experiment as Proof of Concept. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry (with Gordjin, B., 7000 words). Open Access.

Limitations in the Bioethical Analysis of Medicalisation: The Case of Love Drugs. Social Theory and Health. 2016: 14(1): 109-128;   

Reframing Research Ethics: Towards a Professional Ethics for the Social Sciences. Sociological Research Online, 2016. 21 (4):7 Available OA: DOI: 10.5153/sro.4127 

When is a REC not a REC? When it is a gatekeeper. Research Ethics 2016. 12(4): 234–243. Available OA: 

The Deaths of Human Beings. QMJ. 2016; 109(4): 229-230. Available OA:

A sociological analysis of ethical expertise: The case of bioethics. Cogent Social Sciences 2016. pp1-18. Available OA: 

A Socio-logical Analysis of Ethical Expertise: The Case of Medical Ethics. SageOpen. June 2015: 1-22. (Available OA)

Caring for Quality of Care: Symbolic Violence and the Bureaucracies of Audit. BMC Medical Ethics. With: Swinglehurst, D., Maybin, J., Park, S. & Quilligan, S. 2015: 1-12 Whilst published in BMC Medical Ethics this paper was written for a a cross-journal special issue: The Many Meanings of ‘Quality’ in Healthcare: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. See

Reframing Bioethics Education: Lessons from Education, Cognitive Anthropology and Social Theory. The New Bioethics. 2014: 20(2); 186-198.

Bourdieu’s Collective Enterprise of Inculcation: The Moral Socialisation and Ethical Enculturation of Medical Students. British Journal of Sociology of Education. Online First: 

Elective Ventilation and the Politics of Organ Death. Journal of Medical Ethics. 2013: 39(3): 153-157.  

Well-founded social fictions: a defence of the concepts of institutional and familial habitus. British Journal of Sociology of Education. 2013; 34(2): 165-182. (with Ciaran Thomas Burke and Nicola Ingram).

For an Ethnomethodology of Healthcare Ethics. Health Care Analysis. 2013: 21(4): 372-389 

Whatever happened to Medical Politics? Journal of Medical Ethics. 2011; 37(10): 631-636.  Penultimate Draft [.pdf]. I was interviewed about this article by the US based MD Magazine here.

Anti-Theory in Action? Planning for Pandemics, Triage and ICU Or: How not to bite the bullet. Medicine, Healthcare and Philosophy. 2011. 14(1): 91-100. Awarded the Young Scholar Essay Prize (2010) from the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare.   Penultimate Draft [.pdf]

Literature, History and the Humanisation of Bioethics. Bioethics. 2011 25(1):112-118. This essay was selected for inclusion in the 25th anniversary issue of Bioethics. Penultimate Draft [.pdf]

Research Ethics Committees: The Business of Medicine and Society. Research Ethics Review. 2009 (5)4:154-156. [.pdf].

On the Ethics Committee: The Expert Member, the Lay Member and the Absentee Ethicist. Research Ethics Review. 2009 (5)1. 9-13. [.pdf]. Dr Parker wrote a response to here, my reply is above.