Book Reviews

Note: In most cases, and where provided, the pdfs are uncorrected proofs. Please refer to the final published versions.

In addition to the full length reviews listed below I have also contributed to the Times Higher Education's regular 'What Are You Reading' column. 

Essay Reviews:

Bioethics, Public Intellectuals and Political Biology Today. History of the Human Sciences. 31(1): 124-131. (Invited Contribution to a Symposium on ‘Political Biology: Science and Social Values in Human Heredity from Eugenics to Epigenetics’ (2016) by Dr Maurizio Meloni. 

What is Bioethics? Medicine Healthcare and Philosophy. 2015. 

Between the Accountable and the Auditable: Ethics and Ethical Governance in the Social Sciences. Research Ethics. 2013. 9(4): 175-186. 

Book Reviews: 

Sperling, S. (2013) Reasons of Conscience: The Bioethics Debate in Germany. Somatosphere.  

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